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Hello Everyone,

My name is Janice Kober, and I want to tell you about us. I am founder of ChoreBusters, LLC, which has grown to become a leading house cleaning and office cleaning company in PA. We started ChoreBusters in 2007. ChoreBusters began by doing Post Construction Cleaning of high end luxury homes in the York PA area and evolved into cutting those same homes lawns until the property sold. Then ChoreBusters also grew into landscaping and hydroseeding lawns for the same builder. It seems we were just in time for the housing bust in 2009.

I had to make some hard decisions in order to survive. ChoreBusters began offering those same house cleaning services to PA residential clients. Here we are years later, with 7 part-time employees. It is important for us to give back to the community we serve. We do this by proudly partnering and working with the www.CleaningForAReason.org foundation. ChoreBusters donates through house cleaning for a reason the gift of a clean home. Women over the age of 19 going through cancer treatment can be recommended and apply on their website at www.CleaningForAReason.org.

Before ChoreBusters:

Before I started my business, I spent 30 years in the food and beverage industry; the last 20 of those years in Management. I was instrumental in opening several restaurants, setting up policy and procedures, plus I was directly responsible for Department(s), Department Heads and personnel up to 50 direct reports. My background ensuring consistency of procedures, through training along with policy and written procedures achieve consistency which ensures my attention to detail comes through into my team.

That is how our hearts go into your home, our love of helping our clients shins through to your home. You get to share your heart with family and friends building memories while enjoying your manicured home. Thank you for reading about us, and if we can answer an questions about us please contact our office as soon as possible at 717-252-1146. We love telling people about us, so please call today!

About Us - ChoreBusters cleaning Luxury Homes
About Us - ChoreBusters House Cleaning in York PA. Luxury Homes Lawn Care
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